My name is Shannon and I am 26 years old. I attend Fordham University and will be receiving my Masters in Social Work in May of 2018. Like many that enter this field, I have my own story and experiences. I believe I can contribute a different and unique perspective on mental health due to my journey and personal experiences with mental illness.

Besides going for my masters, I teach dance to children and adolescents at the dance studio I grew up in. I absolutely love my job and love the work I am able to do there. I run our company that competes in three local dance competitions a year. I also work for Independent Support Services, a company that allows me to work with adults with autism and other mental health issues.

I was lucky enough to have my story chosen for publication in the Project Semicolon book. This was definitely a scary experience for me because for the first time, my story was out there for the world to read. However, by doing this I also felt empowered to share my experiences in order to help those that may be struggling, need help with maintenance of their mental illness, or just are curious about the mental health community.