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The importance of maintenance!

The most important part of recovery is mental health maintenance! Relapses are bound to happen and THAT IS OKAY. So many people believe if they fall back into that depression, if they self-harm after being in recovery, after having a drink after being in recovery is absolutely the end of the world. WRONG. Relapses are set backs but the truth is they may occur even when in recovery. Instead of harping on this set back we should acknowledge it and move forward. We need to forgive ourselves and keep working toward our future. But……that is for another post.

Ways to practice maintenance:

  • Keeping track of warning signs: knowing the different warning signs that we may be slipping off the recovery wagon can be so helpful. For example; not sleeping enough could be a sign of a manic episode, sleeping too much could be related to depression. Knowing and being aware of these are SO important.
  • Being aware of triggers: there could be people/places/things that could trigger our mental health to be compromised. Seeing certain people in our lives could lead to a negative emotional reaction.
  • Take your medication and talk to your doctor: Taking your medication at the given time and as prescribed is huge. Trusting your doctor, being patient, and being aware are important in the process.
  • Go back to therapy once in a while: There is NOTHING WRONG with going from medication only appointments back to full-blown therapy. Call it a tune-up. Nothing different than a trip to the doctor for a check-up.
  • Do things that make you happy: Because that’s what this whole thing called life is all about.

For more information on mental health maintenance visit:

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